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Category:Military - Modern    Manufacturer:Lockheed    Country:United Kingdom    Year:2018 Group:RAF Cosford Museum, United Kingdom    Contributor:Peter Langsdale


Photographed at the RAF Museum, Cosford, Shifnal, Shropshire on 4 March 2018. Constructed at Marietta, Georgia as a C-130H-130-LM Hercules with nominal USAF serial number 66-8552. Part of a batch sold to the RAF as Hercules C-130K/C.1 and delivered after painting and fitting out as a Hercules C Mk. 1 by Marshalls of Cambridge on 17 August 1967. The following October it bore RAF Far East identification and was scheduled for delivery to 43 Squadron at Changi, Singapore. The delivery flight began on 28 December 1967 and the aircraft flew many missions in the Far East until 1970.
From 1970 it was based most of the time in the UK, including RAF Thorney Island until it closed in November 1975. About 1984 it had its fuselage lengthened by 15 feet using fuselage plugs in front of and behind the wing, supplied by Lockheed from Georgia. This made it a Hercules C Mk. 3. In 1986 it was equipped with an in-flight refuelling probe above the cockpit, becoming a Mk. C3P.
In 1994 XV202 was displayed at RIAT, RAF Fairford while serving as part of the Lyneham Transport Wing. In October 1999 it went to Marshall Aerospace at Cambridge for 3 months of modifications. This was repeated in May 2006, and then on 21 January 2009 to Marshalls again for storage. However by 2011 it was serving with 47 Squadron at RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire.
On 12 August 2011 it made its last flight, to Cosford, with a total flying time of 31,258.40 hours. Marshalls then removed all useful spare parts, including the engines, and replaced them with time-expired items. XV202 went on public display as seen here on 13 December 2011 and was formally handed over to the Museum by the RAF on 12 September 2013.


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